Master of Divinity

The objective of the School is to train students to effectively teach and preach and to minister skillfully with the necessary tools to interpret the Scriptures. To see an example of the exegetical process we use at SDCS click here.While doing this, we want to make our training available at the lowest possible cost with the highest standard of teaching. In keeping with these objectives, the school’s academic purpose is to grant:

1. a diploma to individuals who have not finished college, or

2. a Master of Divinity (M. Div.) degree to those who have completed college.

Either of the above can be obtained by the completion of the School’s three year curriculum with a total of 105 semester hours.

Upgrading to the Master of Divinity Degree

Students who have earned the Diploma in Biblical Studies may upgrade to the Master of Divinity Degree. To qualify for the change, the student must:

1. Earn a bachelor’s degree from an approved college.

2. Submit an official transcript of the bachelor’s degree.

3. Apply for the upgrade in writing, with an application fee.

4. Write and submit an approved integration thesis.

The integration thesis is a paper written by the student which demonstrates the student’s integration of his theological and undergraduate learning.




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